Ethics and Sustainability

This is a queer run business, and queer inclusion is really important to me. I use measurements, not gendered sizing conventions, and do not separate any items by gender. If you ever need confidential advice about fits of any items please get in touch. I can also send anything out in discrete packaging if requested. 


I care about sustainable growth and so I wait until I have researched enough before purchasing new business items. I even found custom stickers for my logo printed on 100% recycled paper! All of my packaging is recycled or reused.



Vintage items are all at least 20 years old and are a mix of preowned and deadstock. By purchasing clothes which have existed for so long aleady, you are using resources already expended, and reduce the energy impact of your wardrobe. 



My reworked items are all unique and use a minumum of 50% recycled materials. For most items, the only new physical resources expended are things like zips and threads, and once I get through my substancial stash I will be replacing with sustainable options. Actually a lot of my threads and zips are vintage hand me downs or aquisitions, now I think of it... Please read the descriptions of specific pieces to find out more about their materials. 


I am currently a self employed business owner and I am my only employee. I ensure I pay myself a fair wage for my labour, and pledge to always keep this in line with inflation.