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Charlotte Vinsen

Space Denim Pinafore Top

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I adore the look that dungarees give to an outfit, and the possibilities for layering are vast! As a sustainable creative I wanted to develop a flexible piece of clothing you can slip ontop of your separates and tie them together... Literally. Plus, they are fully reversible! I wanted to design something flexible within your already existing wardrobe, so now they have double the potential! This pinafore top is made from a pair of secondhand jeans and a vintage space print duvet cover.


One side of these tops is longer than the other, and while I like wearing them with the long end on the front, it's indended to be worn both ways. How they work is there are these wide ties at the waist which you can tie up in a knot or a bow, and it gives them some flexibility in sizing. Below is the size of the big side of the top, as well as an estimated circumference of the waist, which is a scale of the tightest to loosest it can be tied. The chest size will be roughly the same but with bigger flexibility, as there are no ties there. 


Top measurements: 17 x 13.5"

Waist scale: 34- 57"